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Dogecoin Car to Make an Appearance in NASCAR Game


Dogecoin Car to Make an Appearance in NASCAR Game

Much news, very speedy.

All Doge memespeak aside, the recent introduction of a Dogecoin emblazoned car to the NASCAR races by Reddit has been both a testament to the power of Reddit and just how much Doge is slowly taking over the world. The number 98 car driven by Josh Wise was sponsored via Reddit in order to race at the Talladega Superspeedway. So what’s next for the Dogecoin car? An appearance in a video game, of course!

The No. 98 Dogecar will be featured in a DLC pack for NASCAR ’14 and will eventually become a diecast collectible. The slow ascent to complete doge inclusion in video games is off to a great start, and if Doge were here he’d definitely exclaim “Wow, such vroom vroom”.


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