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Devolver Digital Releases Early Access Trailer for Heavy Bullets


Devolver Digital Releases Early Access Trailer for Heavy Bullets

Created by Terri Vellmann and delivered by Devolver Digital is Heavy Bullets, an upcoming randomized FPS dungeon crawler. The game’s objective is for players to make their way through colorful mazes to the 8th level and restore the security mainframe.

Along the way, players will have to combat dangerous creatures and various security devices that are on the fritz. But here’s the twist: all you have on you is a revolver and six bullets. Players will have to be cautious with their ammunition, making sure they replenish their supply just as quickly as they use it. Along your path of destruction, you can obtain coins which you can use to buy valuable items such as additional bullets, knives, and a backpack.

Heavy Bullets certainly seems interesting, as is much of Devolver Digital’s work. It almost seems like a twisted cyber chase style of game, as you struggle to not die while you’re surrounded by bright colors that would generally indicate that you are not in the midst of a threatening situation.

All the same, Heavy Bullets certainly looks fun and interesting, with quite a lot of potential for replay given its randomized nature. Heavy Bullets is now available for Early Access on both Steam and Humble Bundle.

Check out the trailer!

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