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A Closer Look at the Amazing Black Desert Battle System


A Closer Look at the Amazing Black Desert Battle System

MMOs can often be hit-or-miss; in the many components that make up an MMO, there might be several that just feel lacking in a given title. Korean developer Pearl Abyss has taken this into consideration to bring a fluid and exciting battle system to a game complete with gorgeous visuals and painfully thorough and complex customization to create the beautiful Black Desert.

With Black Desert Online, combat takes picks up the robust reins of other titles like Vindictus, except with an open-world to eradicate all limitations. Plus, it’s mighty pretty. This video shows off the cast of classes and their various unique abilities. Anyone who has played Vindictus might feel a bit familiar with the combat scheme for Black Desert as it strives for something akin to your standard console action-adventure. I’m pretty sure they wanted to give players that feeling of being a complete badass, and this game achieves it spectacularly.

The game is currently only in closed beta in Korea, but we’ll be sure to update you with more information on Black Desert as any betas are released overseas are announced so you can get in on this goodness.

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