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Check Out Pixel Noir, a Detective RPG Throwback


Check Out Pixel Noir, a Detective RPG Throwback

Neat things ahead!

Pixel Noir is a JRPG inspired 16-bit detective game currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. Classic noir staples mixed in with a JRPG style gameplay highlights this exciting project. Additionally, cutscenes will be in the style of motion comics giving it a sort of Sin City style story-telling.

The funding page has a whole bunch of gifs and images showcasing the project and I strongly urge you to head over the page if you’re a fan of noir or unique genre mixing experiences. Until then, here’s a summary from the KS page.

Pixel Noir follows the story of a Private Eye, dismissed from the police force when he blew up a hospital, killing hundreds of innocent people. However, there’s a deeper story here on what happened that fateful night; a story about mystery and intrigue, about the line between sanity and insanity, and about fighting for truth.

The game takes place in Pinnacle City, a seedy urban sprawl straight out of a pulp detective novel. Much like Midgar from Final Fantasy VII or Fourside from Earthbound, there’s plenty to do and explore—from the dark alleys to the questionable characters that call them home.

Additionally they released a sample of the soundtrack that will appear in the game. It fuses chiptune styles with the sultry jazzy sound of, you guessed it, noir.

Kickstarter Page

Bandcamp Page

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