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You Can Drink Pool Water in Loading Human


You Can Drink Pool Water in Loading Human

The evolution of virtual reality since the Occulus Rift’s Kickstarter debut has been astounding. You can see this with the environmental interaction of Loading Human’s surroundings. In this behind the scenes development trailer we can see the player actively read a book, spray cologne and smash records in real time. As a playground to march through, Loading Human could be something very big for Sony’s Project Morpheus and Facebook’s Occulus Rift.

The idea seems to be more than that though as we’ve seen through the developer’s Kickstarter. Untold Games wants to present the story in the fashion of Quantum Leap where players jump into the bodies of their hosts and have to explore through it. This could be one of the early breakout hits of VR gaming. Their jump to Unreal Engine 4 has allowed the game to get a major bump in graphical performance and I’m excited to see what the game will look like coming out of pre-Alpha.

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