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Bound by Flame Gets a Brand New Launch Trailer


Bound by Flame Gets a Brand New Launch Trailer

French developer Spiders has given their upcoming RPG, Bound by Flame, a launch trailer in anticipation for its release later this week.

Bound by Flame looks to be an RPG in the Dragon Age tradition, featuring branching plot lines, a guy that looks like Khal Drogo, and a morality system that sees you, the hero, suppressing or giving way to a demon bent on consuming your soul from within. In the included press release, Spiders stated that you have the choice to embrace heroic pursuits or allow the demon to grant you unparalleled power at the sacrifice of your humanity. The decisions you make affect your strategy in battle, as well as your relationships with the various companions you meet on your journey.

It might not be the most original premise, but perhaps Bound by Flame will be able to satisfy RPG fans who are still holding out for a next-gen role playing experience.

Bound by Flame is out Friday, May 9th on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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