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Borderlands 2 on Vita Facing Game-Breaking Bugs


Borderlands 2 on Vita Facing Game-Breaking Bugs

Bug reports have been flooding in for the PS Vita version of Borderlands 2. Tales of unbearable lag, FPS drops, slow loading times, audio glitches, freezing, and game-breaking crashes are swirling around the message boards of Gamefaqs and NeoGaf.

One key problem arises in Bloodshot Stronghold, during the “Save Roland” mission. For many players, the sound will cut out in this area, then the game will crash a few moments later. Restarting and even reinstalling the game doesn’t help the issue, and some are finding it altogether impossible to pass this level. Many other areas are also proving difficult to pass without crashing, such as the Wildlife Preservation and Tundra Express.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved in a patch before the game hits shelves this week. The title is already available with the purchase of the PS Vita Slim/Borderlands 2 bundle, but the official release for North America comes May 13.

It’s unfortunate that such a hopeful title for the Vita didn’t have as smooth a port as we expected. On the bright side, it’s not likely Sony will let one of their biggest Vita games fall by the wayside, so we should see some, if not most, of these problems clearing up in the near future.

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