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What Would BioShock Look like Today?


What Would BioShock Look like Today?

I’ve often asked myself this question. BioShock, one of my favorite games from the last generation, came out almost seven years ago. What would it look like, had it been made in 2014 instead of 2007?

I suspect the team at Irrational Games were similarly curious (and nostalgic). I imagine that’s one of the reasons they chose to feature Rapture in the BioShock Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea. But how would the original game, which ran on (a modded) Unreal Engine, look in Unreal Engine 4?

Lucky for us, someone wondered just that. According to creator noodlespagoodle, “I’ve been itching to play with UE4… So I decided to gather up some of the original BioShock assets and see how they’d look in a next-gen engine!”

And hoo-boy do they look pretty. See for yourself in the video above! I don’t know if it’s because “La Mer” is playing, or the uncanny sense of déjà vu, but after watching I was overcome with an almost homesick urge to return to Rapture.

 I just might have to start a new playthrough soon.

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