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Astronauts Could Get Their Own Working Pip-Boy 3000


Astronauts Could Get Their Own Working Pip-Boy 3000

NASA, being the hip, cool, people they are held a contest (SpaceWearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts) which prompted Team Reno to create a fully 3D printable replica of Fallout 3‘s Pip-Boy 3000.

The handy wrist device from Bethesda’s popular apocalypse RPG, is the gamer’s main HUD but serves real-life applications for the astronauts the replica was designed for. The wrist device fits any iPhone 5 device running a custom app that measures the relative humidity, altitude, latitude, longitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and radiation of the surrounding area.

All of this is made possible with the inclusion of a miniature Geiger counter and microcontroller (wireless internet device).

The beauty is that if the designs are ever released, anyone with a 3D printer (or magic machine as I understand it as) can print their very own Pip-Boy 3000. Neat stuff.


Video Demonstration

[Source: CNet]

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