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America Invades Denmark In Minecraft, Freedom Ensues


America Invades Denmark In Minecraft, Freedom Ensues

You may have heard about this incredibly cool endeavor by the government of Denmark to recreate their entire country over several servers in Minecraft from a while back. I’ve visited the place, and its really quite astonishing the level of detail that went into the recreation. Entire cities have been represented on the map, from small towns to the capitol, Copenhagen, and I remember thinking to myself on entering the server for the first that it was remarkable no one had destroyed the place yet.

Spoke too soon, it turns out. The reason that Minecraft Denmark hadn’t yet been destroyed was because of a smart rule put in place by the GeoData Agency, the builders of the virtual nation; no dynamite. You can’t create it on the server, and you can’t bring it in from somewhere else. But, it turns out, you can smuggle in dynamite in a mine cart (because of course it was a mine cart) and then use it however you wish. And lo, they did; over the past few days, the Minecraft Denmark servers have been waylaid by a series of bombings and tank attacks, destroying several cities and prominent landmarks. And in their place have gone up, well, America. Here’s a daylight image, from Reddit user/War correspondent RandomDKguy;


Yeah. America invaded a virtual country. What are the Minecraft equivalents of weapons of mass destruction?

All jesting aside, Denmark seems to be taking the Danish-American War in stride. Speaking for the GeoData Agency, a spokesman said; “We consider that as a nature of playing Minecraft — elements are broken down and new are being created. Therefore we will not reboot the demonstration of Denmark in Minecraft. But occasionally we will rebuild minor areas if buildings are removed and nothing new is being created.”

Well, they did encourage people to change the world as they saw fit. And the servers are still there for you to visit, which you should do; this is an incredible project that should be supported so we can see more things like this. Just, you know, avoid the main train station. There’s an American tank column there, and they are feisty.

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