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Adventure Time Creator Turns Twitter Into Adventure Game


Adventure Time Creator Turns Twitter Into Adventure Game

Pendleton Ward is a man who has never truly mined anything less than gold. He has both Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, two of the greatest animated shows of the modern era and count for a lot of pop-cultural clout on the Internet. Which means that if he were to, hypothetically, turn his Twitter account into a Twitch Plays Pokemon style user-controlled adventure game called Quest Attack, that he updates in real time with his own drawings according to whatever the players tell him to do, it would probably be very cool and incredibly hectic.


Of course, that previous paragraph means that that is exactly what Ward has done; his Twitter is now home to a user-controlled, procedurally generated adventure game called Quest Attack. The set-up is simple, beginning with a tweet saying “You wake up in a dungeon cell. What do you do:”, followed by a crude, MS Paint Adventures esq drawing of a dungeon cell (seen above). Quest Attack has gone through several stages, undergoing three pauses by Ward due to the craziness of allowing player control over these types of things, the most recent of which paused the game as players searched through the cell’s toilet.

The game can be played here, at Pendleton Ward’s Twitter.

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