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Activision: Not Worried for Destiny; Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Special; Exclusive Content


Activision: Not Worried for Destiny; Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Special; Exclusive Content

At the end of today’s conference call detailing their Q1 2014 results, Activision Blizzard held a brief question-and-answer session where some interesting questions were asked.

One of the more interesting questions was revolved around Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, its three year development cycle, and its presence on next-gen consoles. Specifically, it was asked what next-gen aspects of Call of Duty will be unique and stand out due to its three-year development cycle on next-gen platforms.

“Visual and graphic fidelity” were the most prominent responses to this question. In addition, Activision Blizzard cited access to new hardware and more creative innovation. But what seemed most important was the excitement surrounding Call of Duty finally having new core gameplay mechanics after such a long period without gameplay innovation. Indeed, one of the more excited parts of the response was the fact that such new things would be incorporated into the game as the boost jump, EXO suits, new melee mechanics, and an increased emphasis on story and character (thanks to the three year development allowing for an actual detailed narrative to be fleshed out). As a fun aside, they cited that Kevin Spacey’s character and likeness will soon become an icon in the Call of Duty franchise.
One of the more interesting of the subsequent questions was whether such big companies as Apple, Amazon, or Google will be pursuing exclusive content as they attempt to build their market. The incredibly short answer was “They are already pursuing exclusive content.” Not entirely surprising, but it does serve as justice to Activision Blizzard’s success that such large names are already in competition to gain exclusive content to material from their franchises.


Two of the other questions asked centered around Destiny. The first asked whether the lack of a single player mode in Destiny was a concern to them. Activision Blizzard noted that while there is still some form of single player in Destiny, that the game offers more than enough of a great experience for anyone to enjoy. Still, they qualified that they weren’t “putting all their chips in multiplayer.” Seemingly, this means they are not being so risky so as to leave the entire game’s success to its essentially ubiquitous multiplayer component.

The other Destiny-centered question honed in on its September release window and whether Activision was concerned about this. Essentially, the question voiced concerns about September nearing a time when consumers’ wallets are torn among many different things. The incredibly confident answer shared that Activision was not concerned about competition against Destiny at all. Indeed, they cited that Grand Theft Auto V was released during the same window, and it found itself enjoying resounding success. Regardless of competition, Activision is confident that Destiny will be successful simply because it is a great game with a great experience that will undoubtedly make itself shine bright among the competition.

Sounds like Activision is confident in their upcoming endeavors, and they certainly have reason to be so. Make sure you stay checked in for developments on these upcoming titles.

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