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Want Your Own TF2 Syringe Gun?


Want Your Own TF2 Syringe Gun?

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you a fan of Team Fortress 2? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I would just love to own a prop/replica TF2 weapon?!”

Well, then, you’re in luck! The very talented William Jakespeare has decided to sell his insanely awesome syringe gun. TF2 fans will instantly recognize this as the default Medic weapon.

I have to say, my only complaint is that his syringe gun doesn’t contain actual syringes, but short of me asking my diabetic grandfather for some spares, it’s otherwise perfect. For the record, you can go to your local drugstore and get some syringes, but they’ll probably think you’re an IV drug user.

In any case, Jake’s selling this prop for $60, which is a steal considering it certainly cost way more for him to build it. If you’re interested in getting your hands on Jake’s TF2 syringe gun, check out his Etsy page!

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