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New Abilities, Capture Mode Editor Coming To GTA Online


New Abilities, Capture Mode Editor Coming To GTA Online

The launch of GTA Online has been met with a practically mute reaction from the majority of gamers, outright disdain from the minority, and basically no love and affection on the whole. Surprising, given the hype surrounding the online mode when it was first detailed last year. A lot of that has to do with the lack of co-op heists, one of the earliest and most exciting mechanics of Online announced, actually coming out. Perhaps, however, the tide is turning; in the Rockstar Propaganda newsletter released today, a ton of updates were announced to be coming today and  for the online mode.

Among the updates on Friday is the ability to create your own jobs for the Capture mode in Online. They will be added to the Rockstar approved hopper in job selection like all the others. Also thrown in is double RP and money for existing capture missions, in case you needed the extra buck. Also in the updates, a title update today threw in a small bundle of new features to GTA Online, including the ability to call Lester to get the cops to ignore your criminal acts for a short period of time. No doubt to be effective when robbing convenience stories for that sweet $1100 payday.

Hey, whatever gets us closer to heists is something, right? Once again, the Capture update comes this Friday.

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