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Twinfinite Insider – April Fools and Miranda's Butt Edition!


Twinfinite Insider – April Fools and Miranda's Butt Edition!

[Welcome to Twinfinite Insider, your home for a summary of what went on this week at Twinfinite that you may have missed. We’ll be listing all the features we posted about, from Monday until Sunday.]

Well, this was a slightly uneventful April Fools’ Day this year. With only the slightest amount of bias, I think Negative Gamers was perhaps my favorite April Fools prank. Holiday or not, however, Miranda Lawson’s posterior from the Mass Effect series always seems to be a hot discussion topic here at the Twinfinite office. The latest episode of Twinfinite Discusses brought members of our staff together to discusses Miranda’s Ass (capitalized because, by now, it might as well be its own character), Steam Early Access, and more.

The rest of the staff was hard at work speculating and looking into the future of games with a closer look at Batman: Arkham Knight, Mario Kart 8, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and more. Meanwhile, Yamilia deliberates on the Alienware Steam Machine and more, the ladies of Twinfinite discuss sexist social issues plaguing the video game scene, and several fathers on staff explored their children’s experiences with video games. Our writer Sharon also caught a few words from a panel with the people behind The Last of Us, learning some things you may want to know about the making one of the last generations biggest titles. All this, a bouquet of game reviews, and much more have been cooked up for you lovely people this week. Feel free to check below for anything you may have missed and now need in your life:



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