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Tropico 5 – New Gameplay Trailer, Special Edition, and More!


Tropico 5 – New Gameplay Trailer, Special Edition, and More!

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your chance to start a powerful empire and then possibly destroy it in one fel swoop, I’ve got great news for you. The Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition was announced today and includes an assortment of goodies that would make any Tropico fan swoon. If you want an express ticket to hop on the Tropico hype train, you should check out the gameplay trailer above for a full showcase of some of the new features you’ll be seeing in Tropico 5.

The Limited Special Edition — which is available to anyone who buys the boxed version at launch or pre-orders it — includes a unique ‘Bayo del Olfato’ map for use in sandbox mode and a costume for your El Presidente avatar. It also contains a Tropico passport and a Tropico island postcard designed by illustrator Penultimo.

If you’re not too keen on buying physical copies of games, Steam Pre-Purchase for Tropico 5 is available starting today and offers a 10% discount. Pre-Purchasers will be receiving an ‘Isla de Vapor’ sandbox map and a ‘Businessman’ avatar costume. There might even be additional goodies in the future based on how many people Pre-Purchase via Steam.

Tropico 5 is slated for global release for PC on May 23rd. The Xbox 360 and Mac versions are coming out sometime during the Summer and a PlayStation 4 version can be expected sometime in the Fall.

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