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Trial of Trails, the Free RPG You Bikeride Through


Trial of Trails, the Free RPG You Bikeride Through

Over the past decade or so, fitness has really picked up as a strong factor in video game development, revolutionizing the way we play some games today, such as Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Boxing, Kinect Sports, and many more. Maybe you’re just not into any of those though. Maybe you want something more fantastical. Maybe you want something like Trial of Trails, the RPG you play with a stationary bike. It’s as odd as it is intriguing.

Trial of Trails drops you in a vast land with various goods and services in separate parts of the world. In any other game, you’d probably just move the control stick to walk or fast-travel there. However, this game can be hooked up to a stationary exercise bike to measure the distance between you and those spices way over yonder. There’s no other way to get to your objective other than to break a sweat.

Pop a Trial of Trails I'm sweatin'.

Pop a Trial of Trails I’m sweatin’.

Similarly, all the standard RPG features will be present with many different races and species, quests, locales, and a leveling system. And skeletons. Except for battles and inventory management, which wouldn’t really work with a bike anyway. The whole point of this, after all, is to provide “fend off the banality of exercise.” Battles instead work with dive rolls and serve mostly just as a visual to change the scenery here and there.

It’s a neat little way to change things up a bit if you happen to use a stationary bike and just want something more exciting to add to your standard workout. Bradley Birch, the creator of the game, has even made a do-it-yourself guide showing you how to turn any bike machine into a Trial of Trails peripheral. Better yet, the game will be free to download to get as many people involved and enjoying exercise that much more. I must say, this is all very cool, and I love the positive attitude it’s taking. We wish Birch and the rest of the team the best of luck and look forward to Trial of Trails meeting its Kickstarter goal.

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