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Take a Few Balls to the Face in Lethal League


Take a Few Balls to the Face in Lethal League

If you were to throw a Stephen Chow movie, baseball, a 16-bit fighting game, and some Wu-Tang-esque beats into a blender, you’d probably make Lethal League. Dutch developer Reptile Games did exactly that and are bringing this one of a kind “projectile based” fighting game.

What it essentially boils down to is your character facing off against either a friend or the computer and whacking a giant ball at each other to do damage. The game allows up to four people to whack balls at each other in online multiplayer, and three characters have been announced so far, each more ridiculous than the last. There’s Raptor the bat-wielding kid, Switch the skateboarding robot, and Candyman the keeper of children’s nightmares. Seriously, someone needs to burn that creature with the hottest fire…

Lethal League releases some time during Q3 2014 for Steam.


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