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Steam's Most Popular Games Revealed


Steam's Most Popular Games Revealed

Do you have a ridiculous backlog of unplayed games in your Steam catalogue? Of course you do. So do I, and apparently do does pretty much every one of the 65 million account holders of PC gaming’s premier service.

According to an article by Ars Technica, 37 percent of all purchased games on Steam have never been booted up once, no doubt a byproduct of impulse buying during their sales. The article also lists the most popular titles on the service, with Dota 2 being number one with a bullet at 25.93 copies. With that game and Team Fortress 2 in second place, it’s not surprising to see Free-to-Play titles atop the list. What’s really impressive however is seeing the entire top 10 games consisting of Valve titles, most of which are paid.

So, surprise surprise. Valve is making like Scrooge McDuck as we suspected. You can check out the list here, and once you’ve looked at it why don’t you try chipping away at your backlog already?


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