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Star Citizen Gameplay Footage, Now in HD!


Star Citizen Gameplay Footage, Now in HD!

I’ve been following the development of Star Citizen for a while now. Last I’d checked, the entirely crowdfunded PC space-sim had raised around $40 million. In a little over a month, another $2 million has been contributed to the ambitious project.

But what’s even more exciting is the recent gameplay footage. Chris Roberts and his team (Roberts Space Industries) were at PAX East a few weeks ago to reveal the game’s dogfighting module. And holy shit is it gorgeous.

In case you missed it, a brand new HD video of the footage has been released, which you can watch above (skip to around 9:30 for actual gameplay). The rest of the video shows off some of Star Citizen’s dogfighting features that weren’t demoed at PAX East. Enjoy!

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