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Square Enix Collective Now Open for Submissions


Square Enix Collective Now Open for Submissions

Square Enix revealed its Collective project back in January, boasting a new platform for developers to garner support for their creative gaming ideas. Just two days ago, Square Enix revealed on the Collective site that they were ready to take the project to the next level and it is now open for full submissions from “industry professionals”.

Developers’s submissions will be published on the site at the start of each week for exposure to critique and feedback before it is made available for crowdfunding.

One little detail in the submission criteria boggles my mind, though. Square Enix makes it clear that all pitches cannot have already gone through previous crowdfunding. Couldn’t this potentially ruin the chances of good projects, but with failed crowdfunding, ever seeing the light of day? An admin on the page commented that this is to “avoid confusion with the legacy of any prior campaigns”. While this does make sense in theory, it also implies that Collective seems to want to be as exclusive as possible with its handled projects.

I believe this is a viable option for developers wanting to see their creative ideas reach fruition, but perhaps Collective’s submission criteria will need to be a little broader if it really wants to help the indie game scene.

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