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Raise Your Urf: The Best of League of Legends URF Mode


Raise Your Urf: The Best of League of Legends URF Mode

Merry URF-mas! Not sure what that means? Since the dawn of time (or for the past week), the holiday of URF has been known as the period following April Fools, during which Ultra Rapid Fire mode is enabled for League of Legends. If you want more info, watch this video, or for a quick lowdown on URF perks, check out the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing below.

URF mode

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play Ultra Rapid Fire, or if you maybe haven’t played it 300,000 times like I have, I’ve compiled some fun moments and totally ridiculous exploits for you to check out before URF mode goes back into the Rito vault on April 13.

Pop Goes the Baron

Maokai can toss down enough saplings to insta-kill baron. Poor Baron can never catch a break.

Be a Bird

With his new infinite mana supply, Swain can keep his ultimate, Ravenous Flock, activated forever. You can run around leeching health from enemies, and every 18 seconds use Zhonya’s Hourglass to invincibly suck health from enemies.

Swain ultimate

It feels like this.


Is it Ryu? Is it Ken?! Nah…it’s Brand with a permastun. Enjoy, you dang pyros.

Consolation Victory

There is no defeat. You’ll always be the proud winner of 2nd place.

URF mode second place

You’re the second most winner out there!

Fire Your Laser

Just… just play Lux.

Lux Urf Mode

Do the Leblanc Tango

Swing your partner round and round. Distortion quick and chain ’em down.

Spin and Spin and Spin…to Win

Darius, Garen, Wukong, Katarina, Hecarim. What do all of these champions have in common? Well, with 80% cooldown reduction they suddenly all become extremely linearly challenged, meaning they NEVER. STOP. SPINNING.

Spin to Win

There’s plenty of crazy, good times to be had in URF mode. Whether you try one of these methods, or find your own way to break Ultra Rapid Fire, make sure to enjoy it before it comes to a close and returns the lives of me and thousands of other summoners.

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