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The Raid 2 Gets Awful Flash Game, Chance To Win An Xbox One


The Raid 2 Gets Awful Flash Game, Chance To Win An Xbox One

A month ago, I got a fantastic opportunity to go see The Raid 2: Berandal, perhaps the most kickass action film of the last 20 years. Filled with badass martial arts, amazing car chases, and incredible amounts of violence, you should absolutely track it down if you get the chance (it opens in limited release in big U.S. cities on April 11). If you can’t wait, and have a little time to kill and a fondness for flash games, developer eOne has released an “8-bit” brawler based on the film. This, on paper sounds incredible; we need more martial arts in games, and brawlers are always fun.

Problem is, the game is kind of fucking awful. Yeah, its nice to get to play as four different characters from the film (yes, there is a character named Hammer Girl, and she is awesome), but there is no appreciable difference between the four when it comes to attacks, the combat gets boring fast, and controlling the character with the arrow keys is an absolute bastard. Still, its a nice gesture, and it comes with a competition on the leaderboards to win an Xbox One, so if you can tolerate it, go forth and beat the shit out of some people.

You can find the game here. Its worth at the very least a look. And for the love of God, go watch the The Raid movies if you’re a fan of martial arts films. They are incredible.

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