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PAX East – Project Totem is the New Xbox Game From Press Play


PAX East – Project Totem is the New Xbox Game From Press Play

Press Play sort of broke on to the scene in a big way with their hit Max and the Magic Marker game. It was a little platformer that worked to expand out simple drawing mechanics to accentuate problem solving. Since stylish platformers are their bread and butter, the team over at Press Play is ready to make magic happen again with their new Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive Project Totem.

In Project Totem, the player is in control of each member of the totem pole as they move forward. One controller controls the two totems that are set on two different paths, so the basic concept is splitting up the players attention across the two protagonists. Since there is a couch co-op multiplayer mode, I am hoping the game will be a bit like Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers where helping and hurting a friend are decisions you’ll have to make.


The team at Press Play is looking to get Project Totem out by the end of the year, so we should be getting more details soon about the style of the game. I’m intrigued by the couch co-op mode since the developers have gone out of their way to make it clear that the multiplayer campaign is a separate one from the single player event. It will be interesting to see how they develop the game to match the potential madness that is 2 players controlling 4 totems.


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