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Does Phil Spencer Want To Eliminate Gold Requirement for Apps and MMOs?


Does Phil Spencer Want To Eliminate Gold Requirement for Apps and MMOs?

Since taking over as czar of all things “Xbox”, Phil Spencer has been quite busy responding to all kinds of questions and concerns from his new subjects on Twitter. A particularly intriguing exchange of tweets opens the door for a possible change of heart on the issue of apps and games (usually MMOs) requiring a paid Xbox Live Gold account on top of any other additional subscription fees.

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For a long time Microsoft was the only one of the big three console makers that had a paid option. It is easy to determine policy when there aren’t any competing models. PlayStation Plus and its Instant Game Collection shook things up when it finally rolled out, however years of console sales had already occurred. In this early part of the new generation, undecided consumers that are interested in purchasing a console are starting over from scratch and will be reevaluating the competing services. While Xbox has recently caught up by offering free games with its Games with Gold program, there is still one glaring difference that Phil Spencer seems to agree is an issue.  Subscription based apps like Netflix, and games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, do not require an additional subscription to PlayStation Plus in order to be accessed.

While this tweet is not a confirmation of any sort, it provides a little hope to Xbox fans (especially those with silver accounts) that perhaps a policy change is in the cards over at Microsoft. If Microsoft wanted to change Xbox Live Gold to make it more competitive with Sony’s offering, than it should happen sooner rather than later while the console war is still in its early stages.

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