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PAX East – World Zombination Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – World Zombination Hands-On Impressions

Zombies versus humans; it’s been done before, so it all comes down to making it something truly unique. From Proletariat comes a new faction-based strategy game that pits the living and the undead against each other in World Zombination. The general gameplay itself may not sound revolutionary, but it tweaks the standard strategy formula for an interesting new take on the zombie genre.

In the demo I played, I got to try my hand at performing as the zombie horde. It seemed simple enough as I was given 150 zombies to deploy at will at various parts of the map and then upgrade them accordingly, depending on if I wanted fast zombies, tank zombies, buffers, debuffers, etc.

world zombination battle

The variety of classes offers a nice variety to the amount of strategies I can employ to ensure victory against the living. Specifically, my zombie army aims for the hospitals, presumably the humans’ weakpoint and practically a buffet. Yeah, it’s sick, but it’s got a light sense of humor and art style that adds a certain charm to it all. Additionally, a diverse amount of stages, each with their own respective difficulties, set in different cities and countries around the world spices things up.

With online multiplayer thrown into the mix, there may be a lot of replay value for those eager to test their strategies against other people around the world. You can look forward to trying out World Zombination for yourself when it arrives sometime later this year for iOS, Android, and PC. You can sign up for the beta and get in on the action right here.

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