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PAX East – Project Totem Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Project Totem Hands-On Impressions

Bring a pal, bring a stranger, bring whomever and play Project Totem. Straight out of Denmark, the developers have been hard at work creating a unique co-operative multiplayer experience exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. One major concept is at the core of Project Totem: communication.

Most co-op games require two players to venture on any journey together, but none seem to require cooperation quite so heavily as Project Totem. Two players play as a red and blue creature that can each specially navigate through red and blue areas respectively. The main twist here is that you each control two of yourself simultaneously. It’s tricky, wild, and fascinating.

Project Totem

A level started out with fellow staffer Devoun and I with one copy of ourselves each on both sides of the screen. If any one of our two copies died, it’s back to the checkpoint with us. At some point, it became evident that we definitely couldn’t progress without talking out our strategy. Eventually, we were grabbing each other, forming a little red and blue totem, traversing a slew of perils with precise jumps and puzzle-solving.

Aside from its core gameplay, Project Totem’s presentation was just as phenomenal, boasting an impressive soundtrack with subtle, yet booming, electronica to keep a challenging and inspiring sort of atmosphere. For added style, a mass of particle effects that appear as you flip switches to open doors for each other makes solving the game’s conundrums all the more satisfying.

While the game is still early in development, it’s looking fantastic so far. We’ll be sure to let you know when the game gets a release date. In the meantime, Xbox console owners definitely have a great exclusive title to look forward.

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