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PAX East – Oblitus Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Oblitus Hands-On Impressions

One of the coolest games Adult Swim Games had on display at PAX East this year has got to be the fast-paced rogue-like, Oblitus. Citing Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus as inspirations for difficulty and mystery, Oblitus puts players in control of a spear-wielding warrior. They can expect to jab, throw, roll, and even lunge their way through an expansive and unforgivingly deadly cave in exciting 2D action.

In the demo they showed us, I encountered skeleton warriors, touchy-feely zombies, and venomous plants, all of which need to be dealt with with precision care. The combat is definitely inspired by Dark Souls, involving careful stabs, evasion, and parrying, but much faster and way more slick. The developers pointed out that the increased speed was one of the things that helped to make Oblitus just feel natural to play– and it shows.

In fighting, maneuvering around both sides of an enemy was fast and easy, especially thanks to an evading roll move. A spear can be thrown and picked back up to catch enemies off guard and from afar. And even if players decide to hold on to it, stabbing feels absolutely natural (wow, how often can you type THAT and get away with it?) and flows perfectly with the controls.

When it comes out, Oblitus will definitely be one of Adult Swim’s biggest games to look out for, as it brings a fresh new taste to the ever popular rogue-like scene, all while offering the cognitive difficulty of Dark Souls and being a bit less intimidating. With a promise of more enemies and areas to explore, Oblitus stands to be one of my next late night gaming obsessions.

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