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Pax East – Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Hands-On Impressions


Pax East – Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Hands-On Impressions

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a game that will test the first word in the title. Players must cooperatively navigate a spherical spaceship (as lovers) by using individual stations that control specific tasks such as: turrets, the direction the space craft is flying, and shields. The goal of the game is to free some very cute space bunnies from their cages while remaining in love, and alive. In the demo I played with Jamie from Asteroid Base, developers of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, we had to free five rabbits. Along the way, power-ups, disguised as presents, were scattered throughout the ship. Some of the power-ups came in the form of gems that could be slotted into each station boosting its effectiveness, or health — which was sorely needed in Jamie’s and my case. Collecting all five rabbits resulted in a battle with a boss based off of a constellation. The one I played was based off of the Ursa Major constellation — a big bear with claws, and missiles.

We fell in love in a hopele...I mean, a dangerous spacetime.

We fell in love in a hopele…I mean, a dangerous spacetime.

One of the most interesting things about Lovers in A Dangerous Spacetime is the fact both lovers are directly controlled by the player. Inside of the spaceship a web of ladders connect each station, and traversing from station-to-station, at times, seemed frustrating, not because the the lovers don’t control excellently, but because the time it would take from the turret at the bottom of the ship to the top seemed a bit too long. However, this is when communication becomes tantamount. I made the mistake of making my way from the turret on the bottom of the spaceship to the top, but Jamie was closer. Had I told him to head-up to the top turret instead of myself, perhaps we would have been able to alleviate some massive hits to our health. Being a professional I wasn’t going to yell at Jamie, but had it been one of my compatriots I probably would have thrown a couple superlatives their way.

One of my favorite things about Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime came after we had defeated Ursa Major. The game asked both players to insert their initials for a high-score, and heart in-between the two initials. It’s not incredibly additive to the game, but it was one of those touches that definitely lets you know the developers are crafting something special.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime doesn’t currently have a release window, but Asteroid Base said it would be coming soon to Steam.

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