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PAX East – Knight Squad Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Knight Squad Hands-On Impressions

Chainsawesome had a pretty hectic game to show off at PAX East today. Knight Squad is a massive eight player multiplayer experience where players take command of a rainbow selection of knights in variety of game types.

Players run around the map, constantly stabbing each other out of oblivion and respawning immediately after, over and over while trying to complete different objectives. In the demo they showed off, there was a capture the flag mode, a soccer mode, and a mode called Chalice, which pretty much is a hybrid of a free-for-all deathmatch and capture the flag.

Playing with a screen of eight players was utter insanity, with items all over the map granting bigger swords, crossbows, lasers, bombs, and fleets of ninjas. It was quick, it was crazy, and it was pretty fun. Chainsawesome says there should be a slew of new modes available with the official release aside from the three in the demo they showed off and even the possibility of a entire single player mission mode.

Knight Sqaud is currently listed on Greenlight with plans to hit PC and maybe even consoles in the foreseeable future.

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