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PAX East – Kero Blaster Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Kero Blaster Hands-On Impressions

In the latest game from Pixel, the creator of Cave Story, players take command of an office worker frog as he hunts down mysterious creatures in the depths of a deadly cavern. All to stop them from taking down the phonelines of Cat & Frog, Inc.  That’s right, welcome to the world of Kero Blaster.

Kero Blaster retains the same sort of side-scrolling shooting found in Cave Story, but the difference here is that the game is much smaller and more linear this time around.  Don’t let that fool you though, Kero Blaster still requires nerves of steel and fast reflexes as you blast your way through monsters, foliage, and gigantic bosses.

Your little frog guy is armed at first with a tiny pea shooter, but it can be upgraded at shops to increase its range and power, as well as ammo types, such as a wider green wave shot.  Your health and defense stats can also be increased at these shops, all using the little green coins that enemies drop upon defeat.

Publisher Playism teased that the game actually has an expansive story as well, chronicling the dark history of Cat & Frog Inc. and the creatures that inhabit their world.  The game will be releasing on both PC and iOS on May 5th, but if you want to check out what this adorable game feels like, a miniature prelude to the game, Pink Hour can be found on Playism’s site.

Kero Blaster should also be headed to Steam after its initial DRM-free release on Playism.  It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on as it is as fun as it is cute.

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