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PAX East – Jungle Rumble Hands-on Impressions


PAX East – Jungle Rumble Hands-on Impressions

Jungle Rumble is a rhythm game developed by indie studio Disco Pixel for iOS and Android. The game revolves around defeating an enemy monkey tribe threatening to steal your banana horde and, consequently, your very ability to survive. The game makes some reference to starvation, but this reference does nothing to damage the game’s incredibly happy tone. Rather, Jungle Rumble is an incredibly upbeat, happy game, just as you would expect from a rhythm game.

Indeed, everything about the game bursts with happiness and excitement.  The game’s art design is quite simple, and entirely cartoonish in essence. Bright, vibrant colors pervade the overall tropical design and make you feel like kicking back with it in one hand and a pina colada in the other. Accordingly, the game takes its inspiration from the team’s love of rhythm games, and, more specifically, from an adventure one of the developers had with a Puerto Rican wedding.

Jungle Rumble Coconut

One curious thing the game suffers from, however, is an oddly limited soundtrack. Given the scope of the game, a fairly small song list is understandable, but there were only one or two tracks throughout my time with the game; this being something a bit disappointing for a rhythm title. The game also suffers from a confusing-to-understand control scheme; it provides a small tutorial at the beginning, but this is little else than tapping where the exemplary finger taps. It does not provide you with any sort of explanation as to the mechanics of how/why you make the taps that you do, which makes it difficult to truly internalize and understand your actions. After a bit, I found myself confused, learning almost exclusively through trial-and-error.

That being said, Jungle Rumble has a very fun, niche appeal in the casual market, pushing itself forward with a sense of brightness and joyousness. You can look forward to Jungle Rumble releasing soon on iOS and Android devices. For more information, you can check out Disco Pixel’s site on the game right here.

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