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PAX East – Imagine Me Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Imagine Me Hands-On Impressions

Born out of a colorful story, Imagine Me is a beautiful action platformer that provides a simple and fun experience that holds great promise. Imagine Me actually started as a solo passion project of Christopher Figueroa when he was an employee for Activision. After he posted the game on Kickstarter, Activision asked him to take it down but he decided to leave the company so that he could continue his project. After working on the game and receiving positive feedback, contacts at Activision actually helped him publish the game.

Imagine Me is an action-platformer that focuses on air-based physics. Your character will be jumping and leaping through levels and it is up to you to control him through the air. The controls are responsive and after a few attempts you’ll be accustomed to the physics and flying through the air with ease. Spikes and pits are your enemies and will do all they can to prevent you from reaching the final door.

The feature that will keep you coming back to Imagine Me is its random level generator. Besides the pre-determined levels (useful for training), players can play an infinite amount of levels that are procedurally generated and are actually tailored to your skill. If the game recognizes that you’re at an advanced level, the levels that are (not-so) randomly created for you will ramp up the difficulty. Perfect for popping in and playing a few quick levels, Imagine Me is well made platformer with great style.

Imagine Me is currently in open alpha for $9.99 and should be available in full later this year.

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