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PAX East — Edge of Space Hands-on Impressions


PAX East — Edge of Space Hands-on Impressions

Edge of Space is an indie terraforming game developed by Handyman Studios. Without a doubt, the game can, will, and has attracted similarities to Terraria, but holds enough of its own to make it interesting and worth your time.

What is immediately apparent about Edge of Space is just how much there is to do. The game revolves around terraforming and exploration. As you might imagine, you have an entire world in front of you to explore, one that Handyman Studios describes as a dynamically-generated 2D sandbox title in “the deepest recesses of space.” With an enormous world in front of you and a wide set of tools at your disposal, Edge of Space provides for a gameplay experience with an unlimited amount of hours worth of content.

And indeed, the expansiveness of the world is hardly an exaggeration. As mentioned, maps are dynamically-generated, and never is such a concept more apparent than when you find yourself falling for a large amount of time and you still manage to find footing on which to continue your exploration. Similarly, deep exploration, as you can go as high or as low as you want and still find new structures or masses with which to continue terraforming.

Edge of Space Command Center

To compliment this endless exploration is an broad arsenal of weaponry with which to blow up the various ridiculous enemies you will encounter. At immediate access you have upwards of 8 weapons, each blowing things up in their own separate ways: you will have lasers, cannons, missiles, rockets, and more waiting on your trigger. Moreover, structures such as personal command centers and Power Input Output Systems (PIOS) exist so as to allow you to create a defensive fort of turrets, hangers, drones, or your own lighting system to guide your exploration. Additionally, you will have a bunch of “pets” that can accompany you so as to be able to provide you with such services as additional lighting or combat assistance.

The crafting system for tools and weapons also appears quite intricate itself, as each weapon can be upgraded and modified to scarily wonderful standards. Of course, this treatment extends to your digging tools, allowing you to make terraforming that much more variable.

Edge of Space Skeleton

For a game so large, it is easy to lose sight of the finer things in the giant, expansive picture of the game, but Handyman Studios does not falter in their attention to detail. Backgrounds receive an extraordinary amount of care, as they provide so much more to look at than just the platforms you traverse. Ultimately, this allows you to ogle at a screen that has been fully painted and is filled with content. Similarly, the game’s music allows you to truly get a feel for the idea of terraforming, creating something out of what is essentially nothing. Indeed, much of the music you hear will be the quiet chirp of crickets, just as you might expect to hear while walking through a forest in the dead of the night. Truly, it makes you feel like you are a pioneer in an otherwise desolate area.

Overall, Edge of Space seems to be a fantastic game that you can lose yourself in for hours just doing stuff. If nothing else, it seems the game’s major issue is that Terraria exists, not that it has any glaring flaws of its own.

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