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PAX East – So What Can You Find in the Diversity Lounge?


PAX East – So What Can You Find in the Diversity Lounge?

This past December PAX’s Show Director, Robert Khoo, announced that future PAX events would include a Diversity Lounge that would focus on being a resource for those minority groups that have felt marginalized in the past.

In an effort to continue to provide a safe and welcoming environment, PAX is introducing the Roll for Diversity Hub & Lounge. This space will exist as a resource for PAX attendees to find information related to issues surrounding women, LGBTQ, people of color, disabled people and mental health issues in gaming. The hub will also be a resource for industry professionals and fans to interface in a setting focused on diversity, receive diversity training, learn more about diversity and meet people from diverse communities.

To get a better look at exactly what people thought about how the Diversity Lounge was running, we went to speak to some of the people who actually had booths set up there. All the exhibitors there were extremely warm and welcoming and some were even gracious enough to take some time off to share their thoughts with us. Did any of you get a chance to go to the Roll for Diversity Hub & Lounge? What did you like? What would you change? Let us know in the comments!

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