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PAX East – The Crew Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – The Crew Hands-On Impressions

The last we saw from The Crew was our Hands-On preview of the game at PAX Prime. While it did have a few flashes of brilliance, it definitely left us wanting more. When I saw that Ubisoft was showing the game off again, I knew I had to take another look at it to see if they made an improvements in the past few months.

The car I was driving around in the demo was a muscle car and you could immediately feel the difference between the old demo we played and this one. The car drove with a much greater sense of weight and bulk. Instead of the “driving on ice” feeling of the previous demo, this felt like driving a tank. It may have just been the car I was driving, but the console next to me had a sporty car selected and it also looked like it was barreling through obstacles. This isn’t the best thing as the added feeling of weight comes at the expense for control. Once you get the car up to speed, it’s very hard to brake in time to properly take turns which leads to you smashing into walls and losing the lead you worked so hard to take.

After taking some horrible shortcut advice from a lady standing behind me and losing a single-player race, I got a co-op mission loaded up with the player next to me. Our mission was exactly the same as the “Destroy this car by ramming it” mission we played at PAX Prime, but this time IT WAS ACTUALLY CO-OP. The computer driver took us from highway, to farm field, to rolling hills, and throughout the entire chase, the other player and I keep talking back and forth pointing him out and trying to set traps for him. Communication is key since I tried to ram the computer multiple times but he would sporadically brake or sharply change direction at the last second to make me to make me fly past and miss him. I can see this feature being adored when The Crew releases. I only had about 5 minutes with that mission, but I’ve been thinking about it for almost 4 hours.

If Ubisoft can just figure out the proper balance of the controls, they’ll definitely have a winner on their hands with this one of a kind “CaR-PG”.

The Crew releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC later this year.


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