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PAX East – Astebreed Hands-On Impressions


PAX East – Astebreed Hands-On Impressions

Lately, a lot of doujin games have been turning up on not just American PC’s, but Steam at large.  What exactly is a doujin game?  Basically, it’s the indie games of the Japanese developers’ scene, and Playism’s been responsible for getting quite a few of them onto Steam.  One of the next possible contenders is Astebreed, a combination 2D and 3D shoot-em-up.

One half of the game takes place in a traditional side-scrolling style, utilizing both a “cone” and “circle” lock on system.  Players can hold down a button, track on to a number of enemies, and release to blast them all away with stronger shots.  Your ship is also armed with a sword that swipes away bullets and takes out enemies faster.

The game tasks a sudden twist when the screen turns and turns into a 3D shmup with a ‘from behind the ship’ view, in the style of StarFox 64 and Sin & Punishment.  The same mechanics apply and the transitions from 2D to 3D and back are almost seamless.  This game might not seem like the new hotness for shmup fans, but it makes for a comfortably familiar experience, especially once the play with perspective comes into the picture.

Along with the perspective, Astebreed sports crystal clear HD graphics and sound, making it perfect for the new generations of shooters– classic in all the right ways with some pretty excellent twists.  Astebreed comes out on PC later this Spring, where be available DRM-free on Playism.

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