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New MLB 14 The Show Video Shows Off the Power of the PS4


New MLB 14 The Show Video Shows Off the Power of the PS4

Thanks to the increased horsepower under the hood of the PlayStation 4, the next gen version of SCE San Diego Studio’s yearly baseball entry MLB 14 The Show, is poised to be one of the most physically attractive games released this year for the still very new console.

A video posted on the U.S. PlayStation Blog (shown above) showcases what baseball videogame enthusiasts can expect visually out of The Show’s first foray onto the PS4, specifically highlighting enhancements made to stadiums and crowds. Through the magic of technology, iconic fixtures such as the Green Monster in Fenway Park and the LED sign in Target Field are more lifelike than ever before. MLB 14 The Show for the PS4 also marks the long awaited arrival of next generation grass; individual blades of grass will be perceptible. Better yet, over 1000+ crowd character designs will populate the stands of these enhanced ballparks. No longer will MLB stars be forced to preform feats of athleticism in front of a crowd of 42 people and their creepy clones.

While the PS3 and PS Vita versions are already out, just like Yasiel Puig the PS4 version of MLB The Show 14 has been scratched from the opening day lineup. Those holding out for the next gen version can pick it up starting on May 6th.

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