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A Look at New World of Tanks Game Modes in Latest Dev Diary


A Look at New World of Tanks Game Modes in Latest Dev Diary

The developers at have been steadily released a series of videos that show their works in progress as they strive to expand and refine their titles, including the popular World of Tanks. The latest episode of the developer diary focuses on two new game modes that are set to be introduced to the game sometime this year.

The first of the modes is called Fortification which allows clans to construct various buildings economic bonuses, and the second is Historical Battles for authentic power balance and vehicle setups for a more realistic approach to the standard tank combat. Personally, I can see how these modes change up the in-game priorities switching up the gameplay in a very unique way you don’t see enough of in massive multiplayer online games. You can check out the dev diary for yourself above and get a closer look at the latest World of Tanks modes in action.

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