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League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Update, Courtesy of Rito


League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Update, Courtesy of Rito

It’s that time of year again. All of our favorite companies are getting together and showing us what they’ve got up their sleeves. No, it’s not E3. It’s April Fools’ Day!

Of course, I play League of Legends through midnight and into the wee morning hours, like any healthy person would. My perfectly normal habit means two things: 1) I’ll be passing out in Metaphysics class tomorrow, and 2) I’m already being swarmed with the jovial, eyebrow raising announcements of April 1st. The first of which was a link I found in my LoL client, directing me to the fantastic video above. Check it out, and you’ll remember Riot Games is no stranger to fun.

They’ve implemented an all new game mode, called Ultra Rapid Fire. It’s a hyper-balance update that focuses on making every single moment of the game a play-making action spree. Accordingly, mana and energy costs are removed, attack speed and critical chance are raised significantly, and cooldown reduction is a sweet 80% at the start of the game.

Also, in line with public demand, Kassadin has been deleted from the game. Ryze too, cause who needs blue champions, right?


I’ve been playing this game mode for an hour now. It’s amazing. Also, defeats are called “2nd Place” in your match history, so everyone can be not a loser.

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