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Hitman GO Launches Today


Hitman GO Launches Today

Oh thank god, thank god, thank god it isn’t free to play. Today Squeenix release their first mobile entry of the Hitman series, titled Hitman GO, for iOS. No, ‘GO’ doesn’t seem to stand for anything, I don’t get it either. 

Still, with it coming at a (relatively) hefty price tag of $4.99 and with a claim of it being ‘difficult to master’, there’s actually quite a promise of quality with this one, it’s not a  cheap ‘social’ companion app for sure. Still, the Hitman games are often good because of managing to balance a very tight formula, so we’ll have to see how well they’ve pulled that off on the new platform.

Get out there, get a disguise on, and put some piano wire round some necks.

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