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Help Kickstart OMOCAT's Game, OMORI


Help Kickstart OMOCAT's Game, OMORI

Popular internet artist OMOCAT is known for her creative and inventive comics and line of apparel, and now has a game on the way, via Kickstarter.

OMORI is a horror adventure-RPG based on a comic of the same name, featuring a mysterious boy who awakens in a mysterious white room. As Omori meets more friends outside of his mysterious world, a grand adventure begins to take form. The game is described in nature to the Mother games and has players traveling between two different worlds to fight bizarre enemies and solve mysteries.

The game so far looks incredibly promising, featuring the music of chiptunists Space Boyfriend and Slime Girls. One of the rewards for backing even includes an alternate Jukebox sidequest to find the tracks of even more guest musicians.

The game has already surpassed its $22k goal, and has additional stretch goals set up. It’s only just started, so there’s still plenty of time to donate to the campaign if this looks like something you’d like to play.

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