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Hearthstone iPad Rollout has Started


Hearthstone iPad Rollout has Started

Blizzard has been pretty busy lately. With a new expansion for World of Warcraft in the works, a MOBA currently undergoing Alpha testing, and the release of a Diablo III expansion, you’ve got to wonder how they manage everything. Blizzard’s latest foray into an entirely new genre came with Hearthstone and with its great success has come a port to the iPad app store.

Blizzard announced today via a press release that Hearthstone is now available on the respective iPad app stores of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Releases for the rest of the world’s iPads are coming soon and ports to different platforms (Android, iPhone, etc.) are currently in development.

If you don’t have an iPad but you’d still like to check out Hearthstone, you can check out the PC/Mac versions here. 


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