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"You Got Served" – Nintendo Sued Over Dual Screen Technology


"You Got Served" – Nintendo Sued Over Dual Screen Technology

Nintendo has been accused of patent infringement by a Texas LLC called Secure Axcess over dual screen technology. The patent, shown here, was issued in 2003 by this company and they are sporting a raging litigious boner for The House that Mario Built. While they had tried the same tactic earlier this year over the DS in all its incarnations, this time they’re apparently targeting the Wii U’s multi-screen technology.

The lawsuit not only names Nintendo, but a number of other retailers which are primary locations where Nintendo products are sold. Co-defendants include Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, and the list goes on. Well, if nothing else, one can’t accuse Secure Axcess of thinking small. Further details about this will no doubt surface as (or if) the case develops.

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