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Fox News Implicates Dark Souls in Miranda Barbour Murders


Fox News Implicates Dark Souls in Miranda Barbour Murders

Oh Fox News. Your ability to baselessly pin tragedy on videogames is unmatched. This time it is implied that Dark Souls, or as the analyst so eloquently refers to it “Dark Soul”, is responsible for ‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour’s alleged satanic inspired serial killing rampage across the United States. Right now only the death of electrical engineer Troy LaFerrara is confirmed.

The death of Tony LaFerra and potentially many others is a terrible thing and people are going to look for reasons for how a person could commit such heinous crimes. However, it is irresponsible to attach a videogame to this tragedy, especially when there is evidence that Barbour suffered long term sexual abuse as a child, spent time in mental institutions, had ties to violent satanic cults, and developed serious drug problems. It is probably safe to assume that these issues probably had more to do with the alleged murders than Dark Souls did. It’s a whole lot easier though to just say videogames did it and call it a day right Fox News?

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