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Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Listed On Japanese XBOX Website


Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Listed On Japanese XBOX Website

The Japanese XBOX website has added Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV to their listing of XBOX One games, complete with videos and screenshots we saw from last year’s E3.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 3.09.10 pm

Both games have been described to be rather action-heavy and that the “specifications of next-generation” were utilised in development. The site’s description of FFXV boasts that its party battle system will be “more advanced” and be enjoyed “more strategically”.

FFXV was also listed on the Japanese PS4 website and has been described as “an action-based RPG” and that the next-gen console capabilities have allowed Nomura to experiment even more with how the gameplay unfolds.

 Kingdom Hearts III on the XBOX site has been described to be the “culmination of the series” and will be rich in entertainment.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 3.08.54 pm

Seeing these two games being listed on the XBOX website, FFXV in particular, suggests to me that Square Enix has cemented their decision in bringing these to games to the next-gen consoles. It gives me hope that it won’t be too long before FFXV finally sees the light of day.

Give it another year, hopefully?

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III have been announced for the PS4 and XBOX One, but there is no confirmed release window just yet.

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