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Fan Remakes Resident Evil 2 with RE4 Mechanics


Fan Remakes Resident Evil 2 with RE4 Mechanics

As some yearn for the olden days, some also groan at it. Unlike a fine wine, the first Resident Evil games for PlayStation 1 have not aged particularly well over the past few decades. The first game did receive its own remake back for the GameCube in 2002. While praised by critics, the franchise has since taken a very different creative turn over the years, starting with Resident Evil 4. Seeing as Resident Evil 2 never did get any kind of remake, one fan has taken up the reins and given it a chance by mixing the old with the new, RE2 in the style of RE4.

Using models and scenarios from Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii and PlayStation 3, the only game in the franchise to feature revamped textures and scenarios from the second game, Resident Evil 2 has been given a total makeover by Rod Lima. Lima has kept portions of the game completely in tact, with the only difference being the new over-the-shoulder combat and maneuvering introduced in the fourth game.

Personally, I adore the direction the series took by adopting the over-the-shoulder combat, and if Lima decides to complete the project in its entirety, it’d be a fascinating new way to experience the old games. The current footage of the game is still pretty rough, as the shooting mechanics will need to be refined a bit more as it has been translated from Umbrella Chronicles, an on-rails shooter, to the RE4 style of gameplay with third-person perspective and robust attention to player position.

Elements of the original have remained, however, such as the music and sound effects. It’s certainly odd, but endearing, to see the more newly rendered creatures with old, nostalgic sounds emanating from them.

We’ll be sure to keep a look out for any big updates on this unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake, such as whether or not it will be available for download at any point. Best of luck to Rod Lima, and keep up the great work.

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