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Exogenesis – A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Visual Novel Where Ace Attorney Meets Zero Escape


Exogenesis – A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Visual Novel Where Ace Attorney Meets Zero Escape

Exogenesis: Peril of Rebirth is an upcoming visual novel developed by indie studio Kwan for PC.

Exogenesis was born out of a fervent love of Ace Attorney and Zero Escape, effectively making it an adventure visual novel hybrid that takes point-and-click elements and combines them with adventure elements to really highlight the storytelling medium.

Exogenesis is set to boast an incredible amount of hours of gameplay, spanning 6 planned chapters and over 150,000 words. According to the Kickstarter, players are promised a minimum of 20 hours of gameplay filled with puzzles and narrative.


Exogenesis focuses on a young boy, Yu, who is set to save his sister in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. He is part of a group of “treasure hunters.” One day, his sister gets a little too close to a treasure vault and ended up triggering a trap that killed her. Later, Yu discovers the mythical Noah’s Ark, which boasts the ability to recreate anything from the past. And so Yu sets out to bring his sister back to life.

Featuring a system of morality, players must make important moral decisions that will influence how the story unfolds. Given this, there are a multiple of story branches and endings to encourage multiple playthroughs. And as any visual novel should have, the developers promise a memorable cast of characters whose lives can come and go depending on your actions.

Exogenesis: Peril of Rebirth looks incredibly well-planned, thought-out, and detailed. If you are interested in more details (like a trailer and demo!) and helping them with funding, you can find their Kickstarter right here. And if you like what you see, be sure to vote for them on Steam Greenlight!

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