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Eve Online History Book Project Funded on Kickstarter


Eve Online History Book Project Funded on Kickstarter

The super complex spaceship MMO Eve Online may not have the player base like other MMOs such as World of Warcraft, but the battles and drama that occur between the game’s competing factions are just so damn epic that they always make for an interesting read. Recognizing the widespread fascination of the game, freelance writer Andrew Groen has launched a Kickstarter for a history book that will cover the major events and people of the last 10 years of Eve Online titled: A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online.The interest for the project definitely exists as it was able to reach its $12,500 funding goal in a mere seven and a half hours.

If you’re wondering what exactly the book is planning to touch on now that it’s likely going to be a reality, check out this description from the Kickstarter page:

This book will take readers from the very first day the servers switched on to the formation of the first regional alliances, through the Great Wars of 2004, 2007, and 2008, and into the modern era of huge power blocs of coalitions. It’s a journey through the politics, warfare, and culture that have shaped Eve into the game we read about in the headlines today.

What makes A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online so intriguing is that it may be the very first of its kind. Groen believes that this will be the first history book written solely about human events in a digital world. Expect stories of battles, diplomacy, and generals just as you would read about in any other history book. The only difference is that all of it took place in a game. It’s a fascinating project that could have never existed in the 20th century. Oh and don’t fret if you aren’t knowledgable about Eve Online. Groen is aware that not many people have actually played or even heard of Eve Online, and is aiming to make the book accessible to everyone regardless of their familiarity with the game.

The Kickstarter still has 30 days to go, and as of this post has raised $20,281. So far no stretch goals have been set but Groen is looking into making a hardcover version of the book available.

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