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Dota 2 International Championships Sell Out In An Hour


Dota 2 International Championships Sell Out In An Hour

MOBAs are truly on their way to becoming the StarCraft of the west, it seems. On the back of Dota 2 being one of the most popularly livestreamed games in the world, and Valve’s acclaimed Free to Play documentary about its rapidly growing eSports scene, its live tournaments are now a huge success too.

Selling out Seattle’s Key Arena, the 10,000 tickets weren’t cheap either, with a standard pricing of $99. But undeterred, as Doug Lombardi of Valve told OnGamers: ‘Tickets were gone roughly one hour after they went on sale.’ Dota 2 fans will stop at nothing, it seems. Speaking of which, if you’re still determined to attend, tickets are still going on eBay – but prepare for a mighty price hike.

It’s moments like this where we might to dare to dream about the future of ‘games as sports’. Could we end up seeing MOBAs or other tournament-oriented games like Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament have the same viewership as StarCraft does in Korea? As the older, non-gaming generation dies out, could games equal football in ‘national sport’ status? There’s not much stopping it happening.

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